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E-book: Overcoming the Storm – Diversity Protagonism in the Post-Crisis

The awareness generated by the pandemic increased feelings of empathy and collaboration in people. It also encouraged us to reflect - and protest - against prejudice and injustice around the world. Based on this vision, our specialists discuss how one of the answers to these structural problems must be a more active [...]

E-book: Overcoming the Storm – New Consumption Habits and the Reinvention of Services

The restrictive measures imposed due to the pandemic forced consumers to adapt and acquire new habits, such as valorize local and digital commerce, preference for delivery, search for comfort and health security. In this case study, our experts are discussing how these trends will require reinvention of services and sectors most impacted [...]

E-book: Overcoming the Storm – Post-Merger Integration

The heating up of essential service sectors during a crisis and the beginning of the reform of the economy are already allowing corporations to see new merger and acquisition opportunities.. The challenges that these transactions bring, our specialists discussed as the PMI (Post-merger integration) are fundamental for the achievement of a successful [...]