SSC Implementation and Optimization

Currently doing more with less is the best scenario for companies and gaining efficiency in typical backoffice areas, now they have a solution. The Shared Services Center (SSC) brings more than economic benefits, going beyond pure centralization of processes, it brings standardization, quality management, culture of service provision and control, because it acts as a sector responsible for the integration of different areas and processes . It is a strategy that sustains long-term growth and enables several benefits, such as cost and risk reduction and increased control and quality.

Solution Aspects

  • Centralize and standardize activities according to the best market practices
  • Review and define efficiency processes and metrics
  • Design service model based on interference removal
  • Implementation service level agreement (SLA)
  • Review the organizational structure
  • Define location with tax advantages, ease for employees and with lower wage level

Our Approach

Relevant Results

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