S&OP Model Diagnosis, Design and Implementation

The current market is undergoing ever faster changes, so it is necessary to guarantee a competitive advantage among other companies and invest in a versatile sales and operations planning (S&OP). S&OP is a dynamic management of high performance operations, based on a cycle of processes for decision making. In short, its objective is to guarantee maximum return between demand necessities and offer restrictions, integrating the financial plan for sales, production and distribution. S&OP incorporates different areas of the business such as Operations, Logistics, Marketing, Sales and Finance to interconnect the company’s strategic, tactical and operational plans.

Solution Aspects

  • Elaborate plans according to the company and market reality, with integration of the involved areas
  • Use more elaborate data and information systems to manage the entire process
  • Define reports and KPIs that detail all demand, supply, sales and stock control
  • Implement and manage routines and governance

Our Approach

Relevant Results