RPA Design and Implementation (Robotization)

The RPA (Robotic Process Automation) implementation is part of the companies first steps in the journey of Digital Transformation and it is already a reality in several sectors of economic activity. With this technology, software robots perform a sequence of steps in a job through interaction with the user interface, in the same way that a person would, but making the employees’ time available for activities of greater added value to the business. The effects of this movement are, in addition to a potential reduction in operating costs, a significant improvement in the quality of life and in the level of employee satisfaction.

Solution Aspects

  • Assess the feasibility of automating processes
  • Automate processes that require high operational effort from areas
  • Ensure the necessary documentation for post implementation support (functional and technical specification)
  • Operate the execution of the robots, maintain and monitor the indicators with technical and business areas

Our Approach

Relevant Results