Post-merger Integration (PMI)

Defining a strategy for the integration of companies after an acquisition is an extremely complex and important activity. With well elaborated techniques it is possible to keep the best of each company and consequently value the investment. The opposite is also valid, a bad plan can cause several losses. Cosin Consulting works in the planning and implementation of actions aimed at unifying the best skills of each company in a single arrival model.

Solution Aspects

  • Assess risks associated with the merger of companies / areas
  • Align integration with the acquiring company’s strategic drivers
  • Map ‘as-is’ processes, structure, contracts and systems of both companies
  • Define future model of processes, structure and systems of the integrated company
  • Assess the potential for synergy
  • Define implemetation roadmap according to strategic alignment
  • Develop and monitor the implementation plan for integration

Our Approach

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