Cost Reduction (SG&A, ZBB Budget)

How to reconcile strategic and financial planning is one of the biggest difficulties for companies, generating inflated budgets and superfluous expenses. The cost reduction of areas is under the spotlight of the board, being controlled and  constantly reviewed, because they directly affect the company’s results.

Cosin Consulting works with the most appropriate approaches to deal with and address these difficulties through diagnosis of general and administrative expenses (SG&A) and ZBB (Zero Base Budget) design, aiming to reduce expenses together with the implementation of more efficient budget management, increasing thus the financial results.

Solution Aspects

  • Identify potential cost savings
  • Promote studies and budget improvement through benchmarks and collaborative construction methods
  • Design, test and validate hypotheses that assist in solving budget problems
  • Determine tools and routines for governance the implementation of cost reduction defined hypotheses

Our Approach

Relevant Results

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