The challenge of Information Technology functions is growing every day. On the one hand, the constant pressure of business areas to do more with less and increase the speed in delivering solutions. On the other hand, the emergence of new technologies and models that challenge the status quo and require the team’s ability to keep up with news that can impact the business. In addition, business areas more and more easily find ways to move forward with their projects without involving IT, primarily subsidized by solutions shipped by solution providers.

The evolution of technologies, their applications and their format of commercialization further reinforce the challenges in IT areas in all market segments: “IT is expensive and slow and delivers less than expected”, “IT is far from the business", "IT does not bring innovation" ...

Our team helps companies take the IT area to the next performance level. We work on the main needs of corporate IT functions, ranging from current demands and architectures to the new ecosystem that comes along with the business digital transformation:

  • Transformation projects for IT functions to become more aligned to the business: architecture redefinition, process organization, supplier rationalization and more efficient organizational structure focused on daily activities as well as new roles and positioning. We bring best practices and use methodologies as a means, with pragmatic approaches aligned with the maturity level of the organization.
  • Support for the delivery of new solutions and projects, from conception to implementation, performing management, process review, functional specification and change management roles for customized solutions, ERPs, CRMs, Data & Analytics, e-Commerce, among others. We have in our DNA the ability to transform business and operations through the application of technologies, whether traditional or disruptive.

IT Offerings

Information Technology Management Principles - According to the scope of activities, both in business transformation and in projects relevant to IT, we have become strategic partners for the development of IT transformation projects. Through an Expanded IT concept, we conduct a project that covers diagnosis and planning, encompassing organization, governance, processes, architecture and suppliers. Our ultimate goal is to bring IT closer to the organization’s strategies and needs, leveraging the performance of IT functions focused on flexibility, agility and innovation.

Application Architecture - We design and implement Corporate Architectures based on a strong alignment with business strategies and market movements. Applying methodology as a means, we diagnose the current situation to suggest scenarios regarding what to replace and what to exchange, supported by future models that contemplate the vision of the new systems, their layers and their integrations, implementation roadmaps, financial assessments and potential impacts.

Sourcing in TI - As outsourcing some IT functions is a necessary demand to increase speed, reduce costs and/or improve service levels, we support our customers in hiring specialized services that align suppliers with IT challenges and business metrics. We conduct the steps of evaluation and diagnosis of the services provided, definition of possible outsourcing goals, strategies and scenarios, specification of SLAs and development and conduction of RFIs and RFPs.
Software Selection - We support our customers to define requirements and selecting systems to compose or replace components of its application architecture. In order to do so, we use a practical approach of surveying, assessment, qualification and selection of solutions, evaluating aspects related to functional and technical requirements, the software’s evolution potential, implementation process features and integration with current systems.

Implementation integrator - We assist our customers in capturing the business benefits expected implementing ERPs, e-commerce solutions, CRM and specialized products. Through our participation as integrators, we work managing all areas involved, assessing and aligning new business processes, with the appropriate communication and involvement of all stakeholders and identifying and mitigating operational and organizational impacts.

Functional Model with Business Specialization - Based on the best practices for technology projects management and system development methodologies, we support our customers as a functional cell prepared to understand the company’s needs, to help setting priorities and to follow every step of software development. Integrating processes and people to build and target solutions together with business and technology departments, we help companies to enable all demands in an effective way and to promote the delivery speed and the quality of products managed by IT.

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