Supply Chain


We work with customers to optimize their inventory, substantially improving the relationship between days on hand and sales pace, minimizing the excess of capital invested in inventory and increasing sales through the reduction of out-of-stocks for the customer. We define and implement appropriate replenishment models suitable for the predictability and logistics aspects of the product categories. We focus on the definition of the supply flows for the stores (centralized delivery in DC, cross-docking, direct delivery, etc.) as well as improvements in logistics operations.

  • Reduction of out-of-stock and excess inventory;
  • Supply optimization for DCs and stores;
  • Reduction of losses and logistics costs;
  • Increase in the level of logistics service;
  • Supply Chain Master Plan;
  • Software selection;
  • Deployment of WMS and TMS;
  • S&OP processes, analysis and dynamics;
  • Processes, controls, management models and indicators review;
  • Strategic Sourcing.

Tags: SP Retail

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