Supply Chain

Supply Chain

The digital transformation in which human society is embarking is leading to serious consequences in the supply chains of most companies because they still operate in the traditional way, an operational model that was conceived from the mid-1990s. 

Issues in the modern world such as 24/7 consumers, mobile orders, multiplicity of order processing channels, demand and supply volatility, real-time chain visibility, disruptive technologies such as 3D printing and robotics, have put the Supply Chain areas under extreme pressure. It is common to hear “our supply chain does not deliver good results”, “the supply chain has no flexibility”, “our logistics costs are expensive”, among other comments. These comments are even worse if they come from the market and from customers.

In our view, these big issues in the modern world are centered on management and taking actions related to information and financial flows, given ever-increasing data with greater volume, variety and velocity (the “3Vs” of “big data”). Players in the supply chain will have to organize and reorganize themselves in real time around several supply chain possibilities, leveraging these information exchanges and management through digital platforms and process automation.

Our mission as a consulting company is to help businesses evolve from a purely efficient supply chain that only cares about cost and processes from purchase to payment and from order to receipt, to a supply chain driven by the needs of an ever-changing market. With an approach that has the future vision of Supply Chain as the starting point of the new operational model and the development of solutions in the “test & learn” model, we can deliver the following services:

  • Supply Chain Master Plan: design and structuring of projects to transform the supply chain;
  • Management and Optimization of Logistic Processes: everything in the Supply Chain related to the design and implementation of new processes, indicators and management models;
  • Logistics War Room: analysis and practical management of the operation to identify root causes, corrections and deliveries of service levels with a possible "interim management";
  • Design of the Digital Supply Chain Journey: vision and preparation of the company to operate the Supply Chain in an increasingly digital world, based on the use of new technologies that increase the performance of several segments of the Supply Chain.

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