We help our clients review their strategy and operations supporting them since the alignment of the leadership around a single vision, until unfolding the goals to all levels of the organization and defining actionable plans to actually get there.

A recurring topic amongst companies in this industry relates to population health, which drives investments and commercial and marketing actions (campaigns, events, product development and partnerships, refinement of operations, etc.) from behavioral monitoring, which can be performed by analyzing the combination of internal and external data of the end customer - websites/social networks, call center services, etc.

The result of the population health analysis generates a business plan with detailed recommendations for targeting prioritized actions, from changes in the operational model to the possibility of a new product line that has a significant demand. This approach identifies, for example, the benefits to the business by investing in equipment and launching products not yet offered by the company.

Other programs we support for companies in the health segment are:

  • Workshops with leadership for priority definition;
  • Deployment of corporate goals (BSC, Must-Win Battles);
  • Organizational redesign;
  • Business Plans to assess strategic options; 
  • “Go-to-market” strategy;
  • Post-merge or acquisition integration.

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