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Structuring the delivery of products and services through marketing and sales channels has always been a very complex process due to the innumerable variables interrelated throughout the chain, from the inspiration of a new product/service, through acquisition, and finally to after-sales support for the new customer. In recent years, this challenge has added yet another weighty component: the digital transformation, which brings an ocean of possibilities with new business models, new channels and a new customer behavior pattern, who have instant access to information, different demands and refuse to buy from companies that do not promote transparency nor build reliability.

In addition to making organizational agility, operational excellence and customer relationships even more essential, the reflection of this change mostly affects marketing and sales professionals, who are being challenged to secure adequate funds and prove -their activities ROI. Pressure for measurable results and clever strategies leaves little room for mistakes. Simple indicators such as e-mail open rate and number of posts or shares in social networks are far from being enough. The current need is to justify the investments with more sophisticated metrics, such as new customer acquisition cost, influence of marketing campaigns in sales, customer lifetime value (CLV).

We at Cosin believe that the model and functions of marketing, as well as sales, can evolve a lot. To this end, we assist our customers in their transformations, from strategy to the implementation of their plans.

Some of our offers:

  • “Go-to-market” strategy
  • Marketing model and relationship/CRM in a multichannel business platform (stores, e-commerce etc.)
  • Marketing ROI
    Consumer profile analysis
  • Risk analysis for customers evasion
  • Assortment and category management
  • Store clustering
  • Prices and promotions
  • Negotiation, purchases and OTB
  • Commercial planning
  • Prototyping and implementation of new products and/or services
  • Support for BI/Analytics and mobility tools implementation
  • Redefinition of commercial areas, from redesign of sales structure and distribution channels to implementation of tools to increase sales performance

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