Operational Efficiency


We help our clients to review their operational routines focused on cost reduction associated with transactional and space management activities.

By analyzing the operation and implementing of easy-to-use operational tools, using logical and mathematical models, our team proposes operational rationalization concepts that are directly applied in activities such scheduling (rooms, surgical centers, therapeutic activities), in service queues management (from medical consultation to surgical center management).

An excellent example of the practical application of our work is the occupation management of therapeutic centers, such as chemotherapy or hemodialysis, by analyzing availability (available positions), characteristics of the treatment (time, available slots and average occupation) and development of a tool that guides the center operation (hours of operation, medical staff working scale, among others).

Other focuses are included in this kind of subject, such as performance review of operations (greater agility and control in processes like delivery of results), as well as reviewing or implementing metrics and indicators that will allow comparing the efficiency of all processes.

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