Finance and Backoffice Operation

Manufacturing and Consumer Goods

We help our clients by acting directly on the expense analysis, seeking to identify behaviors or recurring situations that affect their operations. In addition, we often see a wide range of “extra ERP” processes and systems, which can lead to operational inefficiencies and business risks (these ‘quick fixes' are often not supported by the IT team).

Among our activities, we seek to help our customers in situations such as:

  • Review of processes, support tools and policies, seeking to optimize the flow of daily activities, eliminating those with low added value and automating what is possible. In addition, we always seek to re-evaluate existing tools in order to rationalize them;
  • Analyzes and revisions in the costing methods of the operation, allowing a better analysis of the company’s operating results, as well as supporting product discontinuation decisions, production balancing among plants, among others;
  • Deployment of a Shared Services Center (CSC), where we assist our clients in understanding the activities that can be transferred to an exclusive service center, defining processes and service levels and supporting the implementation and the beginning of the center operation;
  • Increased efficiency in Call Center operations, where we review the customer service area (internal or outsourced), focusing on the analysis of services offered and customer satisfaction, seeking to increase the effectiveness of the services and the resolution rate in the first contact.

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