Finance and Backoffice Operation


We help our clients review back office processes, focusing on an operational improvement that increases their performance and reduces the inherent costs in the business support operation. As these are mostly transactional activities, the focus on back office tends to increase the service productivity rate. 

Among the most common actions performed by our teams, we can highlight the following:

  • Implementation of Shared Services Center (SSC), defining the activities that can be transferred to the SSC, defining processes, service levels and supporting the deployment and the start of SSC operations;
  • Increase efficiency in Call Center operations by reviewing the customer service area (internal or outsourced), focusing on the analysis of services offered and customer satisfaction levels, aiming to increase the service effectiveness (as FCR – First Contact Resolution rate). In addition, we help assisting our clients to enhance self-service options, aiming to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction rates by offering a quicker resolution option;
  • Expenses committee, a multifunctional project that analyzes all items that compose the expense statements, identifying the largest groups to execute rounds of detailed analyzes, structuring operational processes review and aiming to reduce expenses through performance enhancement.;
  • Analysis and revisions of the operational costing methods, allowing a better understanding of the company’s operating results and performance(such as detailing consumption rationales by surgical procedure, instead of apportionment by amount of use of a specific cost/consumption index).

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