Finance and Backoffice Operation

Financial Services and Backoffice Operation

Executives in backoffice areas are increasingly pressured by the constant search for efficiency in organizations. Their agendas often have subjects such as: reducing costs and processing errors; reducing response time and improving service levels for core areas of the organizations; compliance with the best governance practices; adaptation to constant changes in tax and social security legislation (for example, SPED program, both tax and social) and, last but not least, guaranteeing processes according to the compliance model and to governance legislation and practices. 

We at Cosin Consulting support these executives by providing methodologies that combine agility and robustness in solving these and other challenges with approaches that fit the needs and maturity level of each company, such as:

  • Shared Services Center
  • Implementing eSocial and SPED (Public Digital Bookkeeping System) program projects
  • Management by indicators for process stabilization and efficiency
  • Reduction of Litigation

Over the last few years, we have changed the way we operate in areas such as store operations, supply chain, treasury, human resources, commercial backoffice, among others, being core or support areas.

Here are some of our specific offers for this practice:

Integrator in the implementation of systemic solutions: We support organizations in implementing changes that transcend the simple implementation of a specialist support system or ERP. We work from the discussion about the change motivators to the redesign of processes and the organizational structure, as well as managing the implementation plan and conducting the change journey. We act in the pillars of Project Management, Processes and Change Management to guarantee the best possible result from systemic change.

Shared Services Center (SSC): The implementation of a Shared Services Center is not limited to the centralization of processes and professionals in the same location or legal entity. Our methodology ensures a better alignment between process execution efficiency, organizational pyramid balance, transparency and control over the information and demands addressed by the CSC. With this mentality, we have carried out projects that have brought us: lower incidence of errors, greater predictability in meeting demands, clarity in accountability and processing costs, as well as the much-desired reduction of operating costs that are determinant to achieve the results when implementing a CSC. In addition, we at Cosin Consulting have experience in transforming CSCs into high-performance operations, implementing management practices that ensure the quality and continuous improvement of operations. We can leverage your CSC's performance to a perspective more aligned with the company's business strategy, or as a platform that facilitates expansion, acquisitions, incorporation of new services or new business units. Still in the context of transformation, considering the scenario of digital transformation, Cosin assists CSCs in their main mission in this new context: to ensure integration and fluidity of information for areas directly related to customers or suppliers, seeking to expand process automation and integration with the core business.

Implementation of eSocial and Public Digital Bookkeeping System program projects: In a simpler perspective, organizations eventually overlook the complexity of implementations, for example eSocial, relegating it to a simple connection between systems. We understand that acting this way may mean losing a great opportunity. Our point of view on the implementation of projects related to the SPED program is that they always offer an opportunity and the need to review processes and the operational model of the areas involved. Our implementation methodology considers that the review of processes and policies, service levels, adoption of better technologies and systemic integrations, as well as the need for training and legislation compliance, are equally important.

Management by indicators for process stabilization: The need to maintain the integrity of information in ERPs and legacy systems is an increasing challenge to ensure compliance and control over processes, enabling greater inventory accuracy, reduced fiscal exposure, reliance on sales and costing information, among others. On the other hand, allowing efficiency gains in processes, eliminating redundancies, as well as reducing process execution times, is something pursued by organizations that leverage business differentials, such as reducing time-to-market, reducing the headcount for the execution of processes, revealing the accuracy of information and eliminating double checks, among others. Thinking about these short-term needs in general, we have structured approaches that address the solution of these challenges in an agile way and that can create a vision of process facilitators in backoffice areas, bringing short-term results while showing how to address structural issues outside their competence, determining the real responsibilities for solving the challenges that may arise.

Reduction of Litigation: The judicialization in business relations has become more and more frequent, whether with customers, government and regulatory or similar bodies. Keep under control the cost lines related to lawsuits and their effect on financial statements. The challenge for the financial area of organizations is to contain the advance, either in its fixed components, as legal structure, or in variables such as fees, fines, compensations and provisions. We at Cosin Consulting understand these dynamics from a pragmatic point of view and deliver to our customers, solutions that reduce four important cost lines associated with lawsuits: fines and damages; provisions that meet the accounting contingency; organizational structure costs, in addition to court costs with attorney fees. We collect and analyze information to reduce the direct effect on the net income, lowering provisions, adjusting the processes of legal areas, customer service and sector channels such as BACEN, ANATEL, PROCON to give more efficiency, as well as assess the root cause of lawsuits, reducing new inflows and the average value of lawsuits.

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