Digital Transformation


Retail currently deals with connected customers transiting across multiple channels along the customer journey in the concept of omni-channel (multichannel). Cell phones and tablets have become the center of customer relationships with brands. In addition, traditional retail has suffered from the reduced customer flow and conversion in physical stores.

In this context, the retail market undergoes a transformation where it must make the best use of technology to provide the customer with the following:

  • Convenience: digital presence, customization and providing easier transactions
  • Information: availability of technical information and recommendations on products and services
  • Price: best prices, discount vouchers and benefits related to loyalty.

Cosin Consulting support companies in conducting digital initiatives with short cycles of modeling, experimentation and learning that are key to go beyond speech and move forward in planning the execution of digital transformation. These initiatives include:

  • Modeling and implementing an integrated CRM ecosystem for marketing and sales planning
  • Digital roadmap assessing mobility and productivity opportunities
  • Deployment of multichannel/omni-channel initiatives
  • Leverage results through an e-commerce
  • Cloud-based application architecture
  • Improvement of customer journey and service design
  • Management of the innovation pipeline - innovation lab

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