Digital Transformation


We help our clients to achieve a proactive stance towards their digital transformation, supporting everything from developing ideas to structuring, implementing and supporting the execution of work plans. 

Using several methodologies and immersions focused on understanding our clients’’ businesses, our team develops analyzes and discussions together with client’s teams aiming to amplify ideas, stress specific issues and challenge the business status quo, comparing it not only with its direct traditional competitors but also with market innovations and startups that demonstrate a high potential and attack weak points in the chain.

Some examples we can highlight:

  • Electronic medical records, although not widely spread yet, have started to address internally issues in large healthcare institutions (mainly hospitals). We help our clients structuring and leveraging the use of this kind of tools, allowing the integration with other players (such as laboratories or healthcare insurance providers), amplifying the magnitude in data management and diagnostic elaboration.
  • The use of mobile technologies allows amplifying the potential of interaction between patients and institutions, increasing the reliability of information, such as the treatment medical consultation, surgeries, treatments, or even the follow-up online consultations for exam analysis and diagnostics.
  • Analysis of the current services portfolio to identify high cost items that have affinity with digital solutions, such as increased self-service (scheduling of exams, consultations, etc.), aiming to increase virtual and direct connection between patients and doctors for simple situations (as sending analysis on exam results, telediagnostics, etc.)

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