For many years, good business agreements are no longer enough to deliver results and keep costumers loyal to the retailer. It takes much more than that!

Digital revolution, promoted by mobility advancement and technological access, and demanded by the more sensible “empowered” customer that seeks convenience, attractiveness and fun, is a global reality with no return. However, in Brazil, retail is still very traditional and not completely oriented to this new behavior of the customer and, if a solid transformation roadmap is not on the way, this will have a considerable impact on the results of local retailers.

Solid processes, organization and systems, less improvisation and a measurable operational discipline should be the company’s motto in all areas. The decision-making and execution of all business processes, from planning, assortment, pricing, promotions, supply to distribution centers (DCs) and stores should be based on more science and less empiricism!

The success rate in implementing and sustaining new operating models, delivering efficiency increase initiatives and technology projects should be maximized to ensure the retailer’s evolution and a better use of investments over time. The “how-to” must be thought, structured and measured.

Cosin Consulting is one of the most knowledgeable consulting companies that has developed and implemented projects on retail and wholesale in Brazil. We have conducted high-complexity and value-added jobs with exposure and success in all core areas of the retail value chain: Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain and Operations. In supporting areas, we have a strong involvement in the design and implementation of projects with IT, HR, Purchasing, Finance, Legal and shared services centers (SSCs).

Our consultants work closely with the customer throughout the project, ensuring to share knowledge and increase the skills of retail employees.
we have worked in all the main national and multinational players of brazilian retail, with great experience in the segments of food, apparel, electrical and electronic appliances, drugstores and cosmetics, in several formats: in-store retail, wholesale, e-commerce, etc.

Our list of offers for the industry is complete in order to help retailers evolve in the above points in all its areas.

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