Private Equity

Private Equity

The perspectives for the improvement of the economic environment are driving the change of the investors’ confidence and thus the return of the M&A agenda of private equity funds. Those who wanted to get in were waiting for a favorable macroeconomic signal that was palatable to the foreign investor. The sell side, at the other end, naturally depended on that flow.

Overall, during the economic crisis, the value of assets deteriorated with the decrease in sales and profitability and the lack of resources to invest in efficiency improvement.
We at Cosin support the buy-side in the assessment of hidden opportunities in the targets, and the sell-side in the value generation in portfolio companies, focused both on top-line and on expenses efficiency.

Over the last years, we have helped private equity funds to acquire stakes in companies, to take control of operations and to transform the management into a more professional model, searching for the opportunities identified in the valuation phase and being a catalyst of the integration processes.

In projects of post-acquisition integration we combine effective methodologies to review operating models and improve efficiency both in business (e.g. Marketing and Sales) and in support areas (e.g. Finance, HR and IT) triggering the necessary changes and unlocking value.

Some of our specific approaches:

  • Project Management
  • Organizational Redesign
  • Processes Optimization
  • High Performance Technology
  • Change Management
  • Shared Services Center
  • Zero Base Budgeting - ZBB

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