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Supply Chain

The total cost of acquisition and movement of materials and products (TCO) represents a significant portion of the total cost of the product. Other key costs are labor and taxes. Thus, optimizing these becomes a determining factor for increasing the company's operating results.

We have been working on projects aimed at increasing the efficiency of the supply chain, especially:

  • In-house logistics optimization and/or cost reduction, assessing all strategies, policies, processes, procedures, work instructions, organization, performance indicators and support systems.
  • Models of governance and routine management for industrial processes
  • Inventory management of materials, working in progress products and final products
  • Loss Prevention of final products due to theft, handling and process failure;
  • Support to the design and deployment of WMS systems
  • Strategic purchases of products, materials and services, including or not the concept of 'success fee'
  • Restructuring of the supply area, redesigning organizational structure, processes and support tools
  • Assessment, structuring and conduction of RFPs for outsourcing processes or Business Plan for insourcing activities

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