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Within the strategic plan for manufacturers, one of the main matters is the discussion of ‘when’, ‘how’ and ‘to what degree’ does the company intend to adhere to the new possibilities of 'Industry 4.0'. In this sense, we support the development of scenarios and definition of short, medium and long-term action plans in a very effective and pragmatic way.

In addition to that, we review the current strategy and the operational standard, for which we use industry benchmarks to support discussion and structure the end-game view.

The alignment of the leadership team is an essential factor for the success of the company's new strategy.

Some examples of assignments are:

  • Structuring and conducting workshops for the definition of the Strategic Plan and alignment of objectives;
  • Assessment of the product and commercial strategy, considering financial, commercial, industrial, marketing and logistic plans. A practical result of this work is the signaling of the best product mix and production by operational plant and distribution centers;
  • Discuss new sales channels, including direct sales, through a massive data analysis and end-user apps development;
  • Strategic, tactical and operational assessment of merger and acquisition opportunities, considering all costs, expenses, optimization of processes and structures and tax issues.

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