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Digital Transformation

We help our clients achieve a proactive stance towards their digital transformation, supporting everything from developing ideas to structuring and implementing work plans to put into practice.

Using several methodologies and immersions in the understanding of our client' businesses, our team develops joint analyzes and discussions aiming at amplifying ideas, stressing specific issues and challenging the business status quo, comparing it not only with its direct traditional competitors but also with innovations and startups that demonstrate a high potential and attack weak points in the chain.

Some examples of this are the following:

  • Use of mobile technologies to amplify the potential of the interaction between manufacturers and end consumers, or between the commercial area and the sales force. These solutions can also be used as support for internal processes, such as checking equipment maintenance or registering travel expenses;
  • Prototyping new products and services, with the concept of Innovation and Experimentation Labs, where new models are tested and stressed before their rollout;
  • Design and implementation of an application architecture based on cloud solutions and services, allowing access to all players in the manufacturing value chain: suppliers of inputs, suppliers of industrialization services, logistics operators, distribution channels and end consumers;
  • Design and implementation of solutions that allow the traceability of materials and end products as well as inventory control.

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