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Manufacturing and Consumer Goods

The manufacturing industry has been one of the most affected by the constant economic and political crises in Brazil and worldwide. Although the impacts took a while to come, as the ‘consuming tip’ is more sensitive, its recovery is also much slower.

We are currently experiencing the beginning of ‘Industry 4.0’, in which concepts such as interoperability (connection between machines, people and processes), virtualization (simulators and emulators in real time), decision decentralization (automatic monitoring and resolution throughout the process), real-time data analysis, orientation to services (for all relationships in the value chain) and modularity are increasingly discussed and considered in business evolution.

In addition to these challenges of the ‘future of the present’, there are still those related to the ‘present’ and the ‘past’ (of previous ‘eras’) still on the agenda of manufacturing executives: Process optimization (special emphasis on S&OP and Backoffice), efficient inventory management throughout the chain, loss prevention, efficiency in procurement, effective governance model, organizational restructuring, systems architecture, project management, among others.

Our team has been working on projects aimed at addressing these and other challenges, always acting in an advisory, analytical, agnostic manner, integrated with the client and with an unique way of doing Consulting. Among our list of projects, we highlight the following:

  • Efficiency increase through process optimization (process redesign, workflows, management by indicators), cost reduction (operation of support areas such as stock and supply management) and organizational restructuring (merging of areas, review of roles and responsibilities, outsourcing of activities/areas, design and implementation of a Shared Services Center - CSC);
  • Adherence to the ‘digital revolution’ in manufacturing, focused on bringing the factory closer to the end consumer (by redesigning distribution channels, analyzing data, developing end-user apps and/or sales force), and streamlining middle process and end process of the supply chain, simplifying or accelerating them and removing bottlenecks and bureaucracies;
  • Support for systems deployment, assisting in tool selection, and in the design and management of system implementation projects, tools and workflow.
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