Supply Chain

We help our customers review their logistics processes, ensuring greater effectiveness in meeting service levels and maximizing the return on their investment. By analyzing and observing the daily operation, our team has the ability to identify potential risks and bottlenecks in the operation that generate cost increases, such as expiration of products due to failures in their storage and shipping process to units or even losses during use in medical and operational procedures (handling and transportation).

In our experience in this segment, projects focused on inventory management and service level improvement stand out, encompassing the analysis of the activities of distribution centers and warehouses, seeking opportunities to increase/improve controls, aiming to maximize and rationalize all processes. Inventory management also focuses on loss prevention actions, acting on areas such as the following:

  • Management and control of high-cost medications (order cycle, distribution and consumption);
  • Use of inputs during procedures (analysis and treatment of losses by process or failure to manage the operation)

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