The healthcare sector is constantly suffering changes, as result both from the aging of population and the fast pace of new discoveries in diseases treatment, transforming their “status” sometimes from “fatal” to “chronic”. All these facts generate new strategic needs for the management in the healthcare system.

The public health network in Brazil, although universal, has not fully embraced these changes neither financially nor structurally and thus, there was a huge transfer of coverage obligations to the private sector (procedures, medicine supply, new technologies, etc.), enforced by governmental regulations.

This “delegation of responsibilities” to the private sector generates impacts in two main aspects:

  • Profitability of services: revenues end up being insufficient, by the limitation of the price adjustments in the values charged from the individual coverage plans (regulated by governmental agency), and also by the decrease of insured lives in corporate plans (given the economic crisis and the high price adjustment indexes – corporate plans are not regulated).;
  • Management and service operation increase costs involved in the processes, and this matter have historical issues regarding efficiency increase.

Our projects approach address these matters by offering a range of management tools that help companies from the sector (hospitals, laboratories and health insurance providers) in several aspects, among which the following can be highlighted:

  • Process review, with a direct focus on efficiency increase (better utilization of the installed structure, such as occupancy rates – beds, rooms and medical centers) and cost reduction (support areas such as inventory and supply management). The services we provide combine the best in existing process methodologies, adapted to the needs of each client.
  • Adherence to the “digital revolution”, supporting ongoing initiatives, analyzing and identifying new opportunities and developing solutions related to this digital transformation recently started in this sector (such as electronic medical record management, the entry of new players through mobile structures, among others).
  • Initiatives focused on the customer relationship, enhancing self-service (lower costs, lower queues and faster service), as well as the relationship with the medical staff (virtual network to support their daily needs, such as telediagnostics).

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