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CRM actions in education industry are extremely important for the maintenance and growth of the business and should be focused on three stages of the student journey: capturing new students, retaining enrolled students and in relationships with alumni - for employability actions or for new courses.

We assist our customers in several areas within this cycle, such as:

  • Processes’ improvement and support in BI/Analytics and mobility tools implementation, enabling a greater reach and assertiveness in marketing campaigns when it comes to capturing new students;
  • In student retention, risk evasion analysis and implementing preventive and reactive actions to maintain enrolled students, focusing on processes and tools;
  • In the relationship with alumni, our focus is on the stages of community building and integration with social networks to leverage new enrollments in other courses and/or referral of new students. An issue that is still uncommon in Brazil, but typical in other countries, that can be leveraged with alumni networks are employability programs and initiatives to capture donations.

Tags: MS Education

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