Financial Services and Backoffice Operation

Government programs to stimulate education have boosted the market, but financial management processes have become more complex. The recent review of these rules has also brought about the need to create internal incentive programs, such as student funding.

We assist our customers in several areas, such as:

  • We support our customers in structuring and improving financial processes involving education, such as those related to government programs (FIES, Prouni, Pronatec, etc.), or to those involving internal actions (scholarships, agreements, payment in installments, etc.) and incentive programs (from the definition of policies for granting benefits, monitoring the granting of these benefits, to exclusion, inclusion or change in the programs);
  • We work directly on projects with the objective of improving financial management and providing greater agility in the decision making by our customers, such as the optimization of accounting closing processes, reducing the period for obtaining information of the periods already closed (analysis of tax inputs/outputs, calculation and payment of taxes, calculation of revenues and expenses, reconciliations with third parties, financial statements, fixed assets), or also the process of budget planning and control (preparation of corporate budget, budget monitoring, monitoring of results, consolidation and cash flow projection);
  • We assist in the guarantee process and revenue recognition, focusing on reviews and improvements that allow the identification of operational issues that impact the correct recognition of revenue for the services rendered and the support to the monitoring of the PPD (Installment Incentive Program) curve, by monitoring the default behavior of the company and adjusting and implementing action plans to correct the curve;
  • Back office Operation: We support our customers in seeking greater efficiency in corporate back office processes, assessing the best way to improve the quality of the services provided and reduce operating costs. We engage in corporate back office operations and student service operations. Among our activities, we highlight the support in identifying opportunities and implementing improvements in processes and tools that bring greater productivity to back office areas, based on our experience and best practices of the market; and the centralization of operational activities through the deployment of Shared Service Centers (CSCs), working to identify activities that can be centralized, to design processes, to set service levels as well as sizing the teams and implementing the defined model. In addition to these offers, we support customers of this segment in eSocial implementation projects, SPED (Public Digital Bookkeeping System) program projects and Reduction of Litigation.

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