Digital Transformation

The new digital technology has brought a number of opportunities to transform the business model of education with new forms of learning, simplification of the student’s life cycle and strengthening the relationship with educational institutions.

We assist our customers in this journey of digital transformation in several initiatives, such as:

  • Implementing BI/Analytics/Big Data solutions combined in a CRM “ecosystem” to collect and process data offline and online, increasing the assertiveness of marketing campaigns in recruiting candidates, or to mitigate the risk of evasion, enabling preventive and reactive actions;
  • Use of cloud and collaboration solutions so that the contents of the courses can be accessed by students and teachers anywhere and from any device;
  • Use of responsive platforms and/or mobile applications aimed at self-service, in which students can check information regarding their class schedule, grades, absences, test schedule, request documentation, ask administrative questions, monitor their financial situation, and others;
  • Application of tools to adapt education to each student (adaptive learning) and to increase student engagement (gamification, badges);
  • Use of solutions integrated to social networks to build communities, creating a relationship of students and alumni with the institution.

Tags: Digital Education

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