Education is one of the main cornerstones for the development and growth of a nation. In Brazil, several incentive programs have been set up to leverage this segment. However, even with these actions, we still have a long way to go: in the UN’s HDI from 2015 we are behind countries as Venezuela, Iran and Sri Lanka.

Recently, the modification of the rules to obtain government benefits, together with the economic crisis in Brazil, have resulted in a demand for better skilled professionals and the need by institutions to provide students with flexible alternatives for payment.

The use of new technologies that enable online education is another factor that has been leveraging this segment in the recent years, once it results in the pulverization of education with a reduced cost. In addition, new trends may also change how the education system is structured, leaving behind the standardized method similar for everyone and transforming education in a more customizable process that generates a better understanding by students.

Educational institutions must be agile to capture this growth in a sustainable way and to prepare themselves for the new challenges ahead, which result from all the innovations arising daily in the world.

Our team works to address these matters in several ways, such as:

  • Adherence to the “digital revolution” of the education segment, ensuring support to initiatives, analyzes for identifying opportunities and developing solutions and innovations related to this digital transformation occurring in the market (noted by more common items such as the use of cloud solutions, responsive tools and mobile applications focused on self-service);
  • Initiatives focused on the relationship with the student, enhancing the recruitment of new students and reducing evasion, in addition to the relationship with alumni;
  • Review of processes with a direct focus on increasing efficiency and reducing costs, in both core and support areas;
  • Support to implement systems, assisting in tool selection and in the design and management of system implementation projects.

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