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Agile or traditional development, what is the best path?

Internet of "things", e-commerce, mobility, cloud computing and many other trends that come to revolutionize the existing operating models or create new "digital business" are faced with an old question: what is the best development approach to ensure speed to business needs, with productivity and without jeopardizing quality for end customers of the solution?

CES 2017 - Isobar Insights

In January CES was held in Las Vegas, where the biggest news of the year in technology used to be announced, and the Isobar Group, of which we are part of, was there as a partner.

Change Management - More efficiency for system implementations

One of the most common mistakes often made by many organizations is to treat their system implementations only as a technical process. Understand how a well-implemented Change Management process can avoid many pitfalls in your organization.

ERP Implementation: Tips for a successful project

ERP implementations are projects involving large investments in financial resources, people and time. On the other hand, this type of project brings expectations of ensuring high return, based on deploying best practices and expertise to transform the company. However, studies indicate that the vast majority of ERP implementation projects does not achieve the benefits set in the business case, and more than a third don't even reach 50% of expected results.

How IT demand management can leverage a business

In today's competitive and dynamic marketing context, companies look to reinvent themselves all the time. Working with efficient processes, agile strategic moves and good decisions are required pillars for key executives of companies that want and need to be at the top of the ranking as the best in their segment.

How to pick your cloud?

Published on October 12th, 2017 on TI Inside

For more than a decade, we knew that the future of computing was in the cloud services. This future has arrived much faster than expected: the global cloud services market, estimated at $150 billion, is growing 25 percent per year, according to research companies. However, that does not mean that going to cloud – migrating data and tasks from local computers to outsourced servers – is a simple process.


The challenge of Information Technology functions is growing every day. On the one hand, the constant pressure of business areas to do more with less and increase the speed in delivering solutions. On the other hand, the emergence of new technologies and models that challenge the status quo and require the team’s ability to keep up with news that can impact the business. In addition, business areas more and more easily find ways to move forward with their projects without involving IT, primarily subsidized by solutions shipped by solution providers.

The evolution of technologies, their applications and their format of commercialization further reinforce the challenges in IT areas in all market segments: “IT is expensive and slow and delivers less than expected”, “IT is far from the business", "IT does not bring innovation"...

Our team helps companies take the IT area to the next performance level. We work on the main needs of corporate IT functions, ranging from


WMS (Warehouse Management System) role in retail omni-channel strategy

One of the most discussed terms in retail today is the adoption of an omni-channel strategy, where different company channels (physical stores, websites, applications on mobile phones and tablets, social networks, etc.) are integrated to offer a better purchase experience for consumers.

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