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Import Logistics: Process or Project?

The advantages of importing products - even with a recently strong dollar - from countries like China, India, Bangladesh and Indonesia are indisputable, to structure a diverse national retail.

Supply Chain

The digital transformation in which human society is embarking is leading to serious consequences in the supply chains of most companies because they still operate in the traditional way, an operational model that was conceived from the mid-1990s. 

Issues in the modern world such as 24/7 consumers, mobile orders, multiplicity of order processing channels, demand and supply volatility, real-time chain visibility, disruptive technologies such as 3D printing and robotics, have put the Supply Chain areas under extreme pressure. It is common to hear “our supply chain does not deliver good results”, “the supply chain has no flexibility”, “our logistics costs are expensive”, among other comments. These comments are even worse if they come from the market and from customers.

In our view, these big issues in the modern world are centered on management and taking actions related to information and financial flows, given ever-increasing data with greater volume, variety


Where to Bet Your Supply Chain Chips in Times of Crisis?

Whenever the economy goes through a deceleration period (and it always does), there is a wild race for cost reduction. It is true that any company (and the government, why not?) should always seek cost reductions and not only in times of economic crisis. But is this the only basic bet when we speak of Supply Chain for companies?

WMS (Warehouse Management System) role in retail omni-channel strategy

One of the most discussed terms in retail today is the adoption of an omni-channel strategy, where different company channels (physical stores, websites, applications on mobile phones and tablets, social networks, etc.) are integrated to offer a better purchase experience for consumers.

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