Cosin Consulting - Strategy

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The disruptive force of technology has no limits or obstacles. Invades all economic segments, professions and activities. It affects the heart of business, recreates entire industries, changes behaviors and mentality. And it doesn’t stop. It runs on challenges, it anticipates and builds responses. Questions are not lacking - this is the only guarantee of the new times.


Well-established “conventional” companies in all industries have seen an increasing number of start-ups join their traditional competitors and challenge their market positions and they now need to find alternatives to respond effectively to that.

Start-ups, on the other hand, with their ability and speed to absorb trends and use new technologies, are often lost in the middle of so many initiatives, in an environment where everything is important and urgent.

We support conventional and new economy companies in programs to assess their best alternatives and to prioritize the initiatives that will bring the greatest benefits considering their characteristics and those of their customers.

Some of our services are:

Leadership alignment

  • Workshops with leadership for priorities definition
  • Deployment of corporate goals (BSC, Must-Win Battles)
  • Organizational redesign
  • Business Plans

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