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Efficiency in legal litigation management

Organizations that sell goods and services directly to consumers have a great challenge to manage legal cases and mitigate risks in all legal areas. In addition to the legal complexity of each business, there are important opportunities related to seeking greater efficiency for its internal processes.

Operational Efficiency

Generally, operational efficiency is expressed by the relationship between the result obtained with an operation or activity and the cost or effort employed in its generation. In all segments, sectors, areas and functions, whether related to management, production or administration, in any business size, operational efficiency is fundamental to increase productivity and ensure competitiveness. We can list some known gains from companies that operate with a high level of operational efficiency:

  • Increasing sales, profitability, marketing share;
  • Reducing costs in a structured and sustainable manner;
  • Reducing the capital employed (in inventory, for example);
  • Increasing customer satisfaction and reducing complaints;
  • Reducing losses and rework;
  • Maximizing the use of assets and optimizing investments;
  • Increasing synergy between business and areas of the

Relationship and After-Sales

We at Cosin have observed that companies are used to make constant investments to develop the best product, create creative communications to reach their audience, and to promote activities that generate stronger sales. But what about after-sales?

Sitting on the driver’s window

The disruptive force of technology has no limits or obstacles. Invades all economic segments, professions and activities. It affects the heart of business, recreates entire industries, changes behaviors and mentality. And it doesn’t stop. It runs on challenges, it anticipates and builds responses. Questions are not lacking - this is the only guarantee of the new times.

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