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Efficiency in legal litigation management

Organizations that sell goods and services directly to consumers have a great challenge to manage legal cases and mitigate risks in all legal areas. In addition to the legal complexity of each business, there are important opportunities related to seeking greater efficiency for its internal processes.

Manufacturing and Consumer Goods

The manufacturing industry has been one of the most affected by the constant economic and political crises in Brazil and worldwide. Although the impacts took a while to come, as the ‘consuming tip’ is more sensitive, its recovery is also much slower.

We are currently experiencing the beginning of ‘Industry 4.0’, in which concepts such as interoperability (connection between machines, people and processes), virtualization (simulators and emulators in real time), decision decentralization (automatic monitoring and resolution throughout the process), real-time data analysis, orientation to services (for all relationships in the value chain) and modularity are increasingly discussed and considered in business evolution.

In addition to these challenges of the ‘future of the present’, there are still those related to the ‘present’ and the ‘past’ (of previous ‘eras’) still on the agenda of manufacturing executives: Process optimization (special emphasis on S&OP and


Process Book

Process mapping is an important tool to manage Corporate operations, providing a full view of the company's operating model (processes, people and systems). By mapping and documenting processes, a company can define employee/area responsibilities and ensure that processes are not personified.

Where to Bet Your Supply Chain Chips in Times of Crisis?

Whenever the economy goes through a deceleration period (and it always does), there is a wild race for cost reduction. It is true that any company (and the government, why not?) should always seek cost reductions and not only in times of economic crisis. But is this the only basic bet when we speak of Supply Chain for companies?

Why my company needs a PMO

Currently, the corporate world is increasingly competitive and dynamic, and there is a constant need for companies to remain increasingly agile and organized. Different business segments seek to increase their maturity level in the management of their projects, through planning, control and intense monitoring.

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