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Change Management - More efficiency for system implementations

One of the most common mistakes often made by many organizations is to treat their system implementations only as a technical process. Understand how a well-implemented Change Management process can avoid many pitfalls in your organization.

Human and Organizational Development

“Man's higher nature rests on his lower nature, needing it as a foundation... The best way to develop this higher nature is to fulfill and gratify the lower nature.” Abraham Maslow (1908-70).

This statement, made more than a century ago, perfectly illustrates the constant change and search for growth that humans have lived throughout our history. For Maslow, these natures are called needs and organized into a hierarchy: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. We begin with the need to satisfy our physiological survival needs and end up with the need to satisfy the necessity of leaving a legacy. Each of us has a purpose, mission, culture and values that guide us throughout our journey seeking the next nature.

Companies are just like people. Each company has its history, its mission, its purpose, its values and its culture. These components guide its existence, trajectory of maturation and permanence in its market.

Helping companies and their professionals to


Survey results regarding adjustments of companies to eSocial (SPED)

Part of the Brazilian Federal Government SPED (Public Digital Bookkeeping System) program, eSocial is considered by many the most complex and ambitious component of this program. It should promote predictable and digital consolidation of all social security and labor tax obligations.

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