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The healthcare sector is constantly suffering changes, as result both from the aging of population and the fast pace of new discoveries in diseases treatment, transforming their “status” sometimes from “fatal” to “chronic”. All these facts generate new strategic needs for the management in the healthcare system.

The public health network in Brazil, although universal, has not fully embraced these changes neither financially nor structurally and thus, there was a huge transfer of coverage obligations to the private sector (procedures, medicine supply, new technologies, etc.), enforced by governmental regulations.

This “delegation of responsibilities” to the private sector generates impacts in two main aspects:

  • Profitability of services: revenues end up being insufficient, by the limitation of the price adjustments in the values charged from the individual coverage plans (regulated by governmental agency), and also by

Process Book

Process mapping is an important tool to manage Corporate operations, providing a full view of the company's operating model (processes, people and systems). By mapping and documenting processes, a company can define employee/area responsibilities and ensure that processes are not personified.

The structural challenges for healthcare industry evolution in Brazil

The healthcare market is facing major structural challenges and the background of these challenges lies in changes to the age structure composition of the Brazilian population and its aging prospects. Subjects with confusing cause and effect, as longer life for patients and changing disease profiles that went from fatal to chronic diseases, are generating new needs to be serviced by the healthcare industry.

Why my company needs a PMO

Currently, the corporate world is increasingly competitive and dynamic, and there is a constant need for companies to remain increasingly agile and organized. Different business segments seek to increase their maturity level in the management of their projects, through planning, control and intense monitoring.

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