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Applying Design Thinking in organizations

"When a product or service is innovative, it impacts people's lives and transforms forever the way these people live and work.” – Tennyson Pinheiro

Efficiency in legal litigation management

Organizations that sell goods and services directly to consumers have a great challenge to manage legal cases and mitigate risks in all legal areas. In addition to the legal complexity of each business, there are important opportunities related to seeking greater efficiency for its internal processes.

ERP Implementation: Tips for a successful project

ERP implementations are projects involving large investments in financial resources, people and time. On the other hand, this type of project brings expectations of ensuring high return, based on deploying best practices and expertise to transform the company. However, studies indicate that the vast majority of ERP implementation projects does not achieve the benefits set in the business case, and more than a third don't even reach 50% of expected results.

Financial Services and Backoffice Operation

Executives in backoffice areas are increasingly pressured by the constant search for efficiency in organizations. Their agendas often have subjects such as: reducing costs and processing errors; reducing response time and improving service levels for core areas of the organizations; compliance with the best governance practices; adaptation to constant changes in tax and social security legislation (for example, SPED program, both tax and social) and, last but not least, guaranteeing processes according to the compliance model and to governance legislation and practices. 

We at Cosin Consulting support these executives by providing methodologies that combine agility and robustness in solving these and other challenges with approaches that fit the needs and maturity level of each company, such as:

  • Shared Services Center
  • Implementing eSocial and SPED (Public Digital Bookkeeping System) program

Process Book

Process mapping is an important tool to manage Corporate operations, providing a full view of the company's operating model (processes, people and systems). By mapping and documenting processes, a company can define employee/area responsibilities and ensure that processes are not personified.

Survey results regarding adjustments of companies to eSocial (SPED)

Part of the Brazilian Federal Government SPED (Public Digital Bookkeeping System) program, eSocial is considered by many the most complex and ambitious component of this program. It should promote predictable and digital consolidation of all social security and labor tax obligations.

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