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Brand Commerce: The Future of Brands

Together with Isobar Brasil and Pontomobi, we formed the Isobar Brasil Group, and published in the Media and Message of last week a special about Brand Commerce, our vision on the future of brands.

Digital Revolution

What would be your reaction when faced with the estimated market values of Uber and Airbnb as US$ 51 and 26 billion respectively? Some people may say that it is another speculative bubble, as happened in the late 90's, and that these companies can' be worth more than traditional companies. Others will say that they are reflections of a new economy, capable of remodeling activity segments, completely transforming the rules of the game.

Digital Transformation

Technological evolution and the exponential rise of technology-driven business have created a new competitive environment in all sectors of the economy, making organizations rethink the way they create and operate businesses.

This movement has been driven by factors such as:

  • Growing customer demand for convenience based on digital applications (mobile, wearables, Internet of Things)
  • Emergence of new Marketing and CRM platforms with customization intelligence, consumer data and campaign performance management
  • Increased availability of low-cost and plug & play technology platforms (mobile applications, cloud solutions and SAAS)

The digital transformation movement can come in different forms for organizations:

Digitalization - this type of situation, more frequently observed so far, aims to incorporate technology into certain parts of the business, often focusing


Sitting on the driver’s window

The disruptive force of technology has no limits or obstacles. Invades all economic segments, professions and activities. It affects the heart of business, recreates entire industries, changes behaviors and mentality. And it doesn’t stop. It runs on challenges, it anticipates and builds responses. Questions are not lacking - this is the only guarantee of the new times.

The Amazon factor is here. Are you prepared?

Published on August 8th, 2017 on O Globo:

Whoever was amazed by Amazon's acquisition for WholeFoods, an organic grocery store chain, can prepare themselves.

The challenges of e-commerce for the new middle class

The success of "e-commerce" has become increasingly evident in Brazil, with annual growth rates higher than twenty percent. Of course, even traditional retail companies started to see in e-commerce an opportunity to increase their sales. At the same time, new "dot-com companies" or virtual enterprises, are solidified in this scenario as "major players".

WMS (Warehouse Management System) role in retail omni-channel strategy

One of the most discussed terms in retail today is the adoption of an omni-channel strategy, where different company channels (physical stores, websites, applications on mobile phones and tablets, social networks, etc.) are integrated to offer a better purchase experience for consumers.

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