Where to Bet Your Supply Chain Chips in Times of Crisis?

Whenever the economy goes through a deceleration period (and it always does), there is a wild race for cost reduction. It is true that any company (and the government, why not?) should always seek cost reductions and not only in times of economic crisis. But is this the only basic bet when we speak of Supply Chain for companies?

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ERP Implementation: Tips for a successful project

ERP implementations are projects involving large investments in financial resources, people and time. On the other hand, this type of project brings expectations of ensuring high return, based on deploying best practices and expertise to transform the company. However, studies indicate that the vast majority of ERP implementation projects does not achieve the benefits set in the business case, and more than a third don't even reach 50% of expected results.

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Efficiency in legal litigation management

Organizations that sell goods and services directly to consumers have a great challenge to manage legal cases and mitigate risks in all legal areas. In addition to the legal complexity of each business, there are important opportunities related to seeking greater efficiency for its internal processes.

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Agile or traditional development, what is the best path?

Internet of "things", e-commerce, mobility, cloud computing and many other trends that come to revolutionize the existing operating models or create new "digital business" are faced with an old question: what is the best development approach to ensure speed to business needs, with productivity and without jeopardizing quality for end customers of the solution?

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How IT demand management can leverage a business

In today's competitive and dynamic marketing context, companies look to reinvent themselves all the time. Working with efficient processes, agile strategic moves and good decisions are required pillars for key executives of companies that want and need to be at the top of the ranking as the best in their segment.

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