Digital Transformation is no longer an option, is a necessity

Published on January 8th, 2018 on Consumidor Moderno

The hyperconnected generation grew up. Those who were born after the 1980s, Millennials as we use to call, have today a rising career, earning power - with estimated spending of $ 200 billion worldwide by 2017 - and mainly want to buy, do, know, go...

They want to be in the spotlight and they are. Add to the Y generation a few hundred thousand people living with their smartphones in their hands. They are changing the way they do business, and business has to keep up with them. It's time to get out of the speech and head into the digital transformation.

The retailer realized that it is necessary to transform and the triad "knowing, connecting and transacting" is fundamental in this process. A great example is drugstore chains in the US that are investing their efforts in building a digital ecosystem, in which the online experience is converted into in-store visits.

The result? About 48% of users who use digital tools visit the physical establishment, meaning that 5.3 million store visits are generated after interaction with app. And there is more, 50% of the use of Walgreens applications happens within the physical environment of the drugstore.

Meanwhile, in Brazil, drugstores are focused on aggressive expansion plans. It is clear that the goal of opening new units should not simply be suppressed, and on the contrary, is a way to grow and become present in your segment.

But digital must be treated more closely, there is a rich and inexhaustible source of information about a customer on social networks, which allied with CRM and existing loyalty programs can improve the consumer experience and allow for innumerable marketing actions that can be carried out through digital platforms offering the right products to the right people.

Digital as a partner

The idea is not to get the customer out of the store and get him to buy by digital means, but use digital to connect those channels, attract your attention and retain it. Some supermarkets have already saw this great potential and appropriate themselves of this possibility.

Therefore, each individual opens their app and receives personalized promotions. But in Brazil, these movements are still an exception and not the standart rule, unlike what happens in other countries like US and UK.

The purchase of cars is another case of transformation that is in transit. Consumers no longer turn to dealerships for help choosing their new vehicle.

All that journey, including research on model performance, contracting insurance and financing conditions, is done previously through digital channels. The visit is only made to specific dealerships to refer to the choice of the vehicle and make the purchase.

The digital transformation is there, knocking on the door of each segment. And it is necessary to quickly understand this movement, realize the relevance of this to the business, its impacts and identify the tools that make the most sense.

How? Knowing the consumer, their habits and putting them in the center. Globally, there are about seven billion cell phone subscriptions and three billion people with internet access. Ignore this is like closing your eyes to the present and declare non-existence in the future.

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