Efficiency in education sector management

Due to the transformation of the education market in the last 20 years, there was a consolidation of large educational groups in the private sector, forcing small and medium-sized institutions to professionalize their organizations, becoming competitive and differentiated.

Evolution of enrollments in college education:

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Certainly, government investments and growth of the ODL system (Open and Distance Learning) have helped the industry growth rate. In 2013, 15.8% of college courses were ODL, while in 2003 they represented only 3%.

Evolution of enrollments in college education:

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However, small and medium-sized institutions are behind the times in their management processes. Some are growing rapidly, but in an unstructured manner. We also observe elementary education groups entering the college education market - which has a complexity greater than its original business and requires a more robust management.

Meanwhile, we see that most of the major educational groups are already on the path for a more professional industry, but face problems with mergers and acquisitions of less structured groups.

For a fully professional sector, we are sure that information management, integrated management support systems, efficiency in processes and human capital management are required.

  • One of the mandatory requirements is to understand the market where the company is inserted, as well as having information management mechanisms. Updated and quality information is critical for decision making and guidance for the institution's strategic planning;
  • Technology is also a great ally in the professionalization of the sector. Operations management systems and systems that follow the student's life cycle bring speed and quality to the institution's management;
  • It is important, likewise, to deeply understand and improve operational processes, implement goals and manage results;
  • Another basic requirement is human capital management. Having the right people in the right places to optimize resources.


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