Why my company needs a PMO

Currently, the corporate world is increasingly competitive and dynamic, and there is a constant need for companies to remain increasingly agile and organized. Different business segments seek to increase their maturity level in the management of their projects, through planning, control and intense monitoring.

In this context, PMOs, Project Management Offices, currently constitute a strategic and very important structure in the corporate environment.


Why my company needs a PMO

Project Management Office is the organizational unit responsible for managing and conducting in an integrated manner organization projects, and is responsible for providing communication, products and services.

In addition, implementing a project management office will help ensure that project goals are aligned to the organization's strategic direction, allowing the operational team to be closer and support the executive levels.

The PMO simplifies, facilitates and enhances project management, always seeking to optimize the aspects cost, time and quality, becoming extremely efficient in companies that have a large portfolio of projects.

Thus, those responsible for products and business areas in organizations are free to "make things happen", following the development of deliverables, interacting with customers, leading their teams, managing their business areas, etc.

Increasing Maturity Levels

An efficient PMO works to properly disseminate the project management methodology (PMI), always analyzing the maturity of the organization, to ensure perfect applicability of all project management subjects.

Moreover, the PMO plans the company's project management evolution, mapping skills and expertise present in the organization, identifying possible knowledge gaps to develop targeted training programs.

The idea is to make the PMO an information and control center, keeping history records of performance and quality indicators for projects, making it possible to detect inefficient processes and create continuous improvement actions in project execution.

05 Steps to create a Project Management Office

Due to of its complexity and multifaceted aspects, creating a project management office requires an organizational acculturation and awareness process that must be planned and executed gradually.

Generally, it takes a few steps to develop and mature a project management office in an organization:

1. Diagnosis to identify organizational maturity level in project management
2. Data collection and modeling of the project management office to be implemented, taking into account expectations and strategies set by the organization’s executive levels.
3. Implementing the new model and pilot plan to measure achieved results.
4. Roll out the implemented model for the organization’s entire project portfolio.
5. Implementing quality assurance and audit processes to ensure that project goals are being achieved in practice.

Responsibilities and objectives of the project management offices, as well as the services and products they provide, may vary from organization to organization. Therefore, it is very important to align the project office goals with the strategic goals of your organization.

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