Relationship and After-Sales

We at Cosin have observed that companies are used to make constant investments to develop the best product, create creative communications to reach their audience, and to promote activities that generate stronger sales. But what about after-sales?

Although the vast majority of companies recognize the importance of after-sales, and already understanding that customer loyalty is less costly than going after a new customer, always remember that to keep a customer it takes constant effort.

When a project is carried out for Service areas, we often notice effort and great focus on its implementation, to the point of improving satisfaction indicators. However, after a while, it is common to note a drop in performance.

Each customer has their needs and particularities, and they change over time at an increasingly frequent rate.

Due to these dynamics, we mention 04 critical and extremely important factors for sustainable results:

1. Governance model

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Regardless of the relationship model adopted, through self-service channels or people, it is essential that companies have teams focused on assessing consumer behavior.

Furthermore, they must be willing to listen and specially to learn from complaints. Thus, it is possible to reduce and even prevent breach of trust in the relationship with your customers.

Information acquired in after-sales can - and should - be used as a rich source to develop new products and reach new consumers.

2. People

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We are certain companies that have in their culture excellence in customer service eventually stand out and create an important competitive advantage.

When there are people interacting with customers, a good recruitment and selection process, as well as training and continuous development is essential. The idea is to combine policies (compensation, incentives, career plan) to the goal of satisfying the customer, continuously seeking quality and retaining employees developed in the company, who understand the organization's ideology and know well how to represent it.

3. Technology

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As a customer, it is extremely uncomfortable having to explain several times our need until it is answered. Therefore, it is important to invest in platforms and an integrated technology framework to ensure simple and straightforward customer interactions.

Having a single customer view is critical to know him better. This enables performing behavioral analysis and being more assertive in solving requests or communicating. On the other hand, maintenance must also be flexible to achieve the necessary and adequate flexibility for identified improvement changes.

4. Processes

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It is known that with the need to reduce time to market when launching new products and services, for businesses to offer something different to the market - or even go after the competition - it is common to prioritize sales and neglect after-sales.

As a result, there is the thought "we can handle it" or "we'll see it soon", which can be catastrophic. Investing time to think about how to serve and handle future customer needs should be as important as selling.

Companies want recurring purchases or long-term service. Being recognized and referred to others is a tool that we consider valuable.

It's important to remember that maintaining a relationship is not a cost center, but an investment in loyalty; and for that, we need to listen and act quickly in the face of constant changes that happen in the daily routine, so we don't "stay behind"!

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