How to pick your cloud?

Published on October 12th, 2017 on TI Inside

For more than a decade, we knew that the future of computing was in the cloud services. This future has arrived much faster than expected: the global cloud services market, estimated at $150 billion, is growing 25 percent per year, according to research companies. However, that does not mean that going to cloud – migrating data and tasks from local computers to outsourced servers – is a simple process.

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The Amazon factor is here. Are you prepared?

Published on August 8th, 2017 on O Globo:

Whoever was amazed by Amazon's acquisition for WholeFoods, an organic grocery store chain, can prepare themselves.

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Sitting on the driver’s window

The disruptive force of technology has no limits or obstacles. Invades all economic segments, professions and activities. It affects the heart of business, recreates entire industries, changes behaviors and mentality. And it doesn’t stop. It runs on challenges, it anticipates and builds responses. Questions are not lacking - this is the only guarantee of the new times.

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CES 2017 - Isobar Insights

In January CES was held in Las Vegas, where the biggest news of the year in technology used to be announced, and the Isobar Group, of which we are part of, was there as a partner.

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Brand Commerce: The Future of Brands

Together with Isobar Brasil and Pontomobi, we formed the Isobar Brasil Group, and published in the Media and Message of last week a special about Brand Commerce, our vision on the future of brands.

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Import Logistics: Process or Project?

The advantages of importing products - even with a recently strong dollar - from countries like China, India, Bangladesh and Indonesia are indisputable, to structure a diverse national retail.

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